Hi, My Name Is Mark - Podcast #8

fun hair!
Hi, My Name Is Mark - Podcast #8
so here's what my hair looks like today. outside the studio. in the sun. with the wind blowing. facing west. and this is exactly how my hair looked when the woman walked past me and said, "fun hair!" i couldn't really say whether or not she was complimenting me or what, but while i was deciding how to react, jon replied with, "you've got some fun hair too, "which was not only lame, but totally uncalled for since no one really knew who the other one was. that's about the time that we all smiled politely and went about our days. anyway...

this podcast was a pleasure to do. lucky number 8. it was such a breeze...right up until we attempted to send it in.

everything was going so well. i'd interviewed imogen heap. i'd gotten clearance to use a screeching weasel song, a faint song and a lemon sun song. i'd even managed to record a lot of the podcast while i was working on a song with mae. i pulled the pictures and finished it all up while spending the weekend away with my wife and kid. it seemed like nothing could go wrong... and then i sent in the podcast: transfer error. and then i tried again: transfer error. third time's the charm? nope: transfer error. the good web people tried to help, but every time i sent the damn thing the last five minutes got cut off. that's like watching SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE and turning the movie off before tom hanks comes back up the elevator to fetch his kid's backpack and meg ryan. you know what i mean? or am i the only one who's movie collection consists solely of tom hanks and meg ryan romantic comedies? oh and remember in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO when... i love tom hanks. wait, where was i? ah yes...

so i tried ftp sites. i tried zipping and stuffing and folding and chewing and nothing seemed to work. i even wished on a unicorn. we tried my laptop and jon's home computer and his work computer and the studio computer and still...nothing. and then finally, it struck me... why don't we just IM the damn thing? which we did. which is how the podcast ultimately found its way to the right people on the correct day at the last possible minute. love truly does conquer all.


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