Intervista di Army Of Angels a Ryan

1. Ryan, What is really said at the beginning of Good Day?

You'll just have to pay really close attention...if it actually says anything at all. isn't that part of the fun, the looking part?

2. Hey Ryan ... Can you give us any information about the Angels & Airwaves movie?

A lot of fans have been wondering about it since not very many details have been released. Thanks.The movie is in production. There's not really much i can say about it at this point. Basically we started working on the movie, put up a teaser trailer, and people became interested. Some of the people interested have become sort of buisness partners, allowing us a much better production. So, writiers are writing, producers are producing, and everything is looking bright.

3. Ok Ryan a lot of artists recently have been changing their appearance for various reasons, is there a meaning behind your new color and cut or did you just get bored?

I don't think of these things as important. The "meaning" behind my haircut is that after 9 years, I've grown tired of dying my hair every 2 weeks. Being blonde and having black hair is a lot of upkeep.

4. Ryan, what's your favorite ice-cream flavor and why?

Hmm...vanilla, cause you can add whatever you want to it? I think I like the reeces pieces ice cream

5. How did you end up in AVA? Or were you worried about all the hype Tom Delonge gave about the project before anyone had even heard an Angels and Airwaves song?

David called me and told me about the project they were working on. that's the short of how i got in the band. I don't worry about hype cause I don't pay attention to it. It's music. All the drama, and hype, and's just what people use as distraction. to me music is the distraction. i would much prefer to listen to music than to listen to people arguing about bullshit drama.

6. But do you remember your first time receiving/giving oral sex?


7. Who do you think is the sexiest Female celebrity?

I'm not really sure. People are all sexy for different reasons... Milla Jovovivh, Jaime Pressly, Kirsten Dunst

8. Who are your top 10 favorite bands?

Lately I've been listening to HIM, Roger Alan Wade, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Shooter Jennings, 30 Seconds To Mars, Steve Miller. oh I really like that Gnarls Barkley album.....really great lyrics

9. What is your favorite fast food establishment?

I don't eat much fast food, but there's a Sombrero's 2 blocks from my house and they have really good nachos.

10. What is your favorite thing to do not having to do with music?

I like being away from everything man made, and reading. Reading is probably my favorite thing to do non musical, although I am reading a book by Willie Nelson......

11. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Driving a car 70 miles an hour into a mountain and walking away was pretty crazy.

12. What is your favorite word?

Love....and Fuck.

13. Who is your biggest hero?

I'm not really sure. I admire people who do their own thing in the midst of controversy. I admire Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Hunter Thompson quite a bit. Johnny Depp as well.

14. Do you like llamas?

I can't really say one way or the other. I've not spent much time in the company of a llama.

15. Do you have any future goals for the Band, New Album, New Tour, Ect.?

There's a lot. We have a lot going on right now, different things we're working on. We're a new band, we have a lot to work towards.

16. How does it feel to be only a pretty new band and go halfway around the world and have an already massive fan base?

I'm just happy to be playing music and touring again. It's great that we're fortunate to start this band with so much.

17. You once played bass for The Distillers and now obviously play for Angels And Airwaves, what's the difference in the reaction of the crowds for the two bands playing if there is a difference?

My fans from The Distillers have been unbelievably supportive. Some, I understand, don't care much for AVA's music, but still support it because they wish the best for me. That means a whole lot to me. AVA fans generally want me out of the band, so Mark Hoppus and Tom can make up and he can play bass, which just means I've got a little more time to put in before I'm appreciated here. As far as the crowds at the shows...It's different music, with different energy, and a different it's just different.


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