No Podcast

hello patient and understanding podcastees. how are you? or, rather, what it do? i'm fine, thanks. a bit busy, what with recording almost every day and all. anyway...if you haven't figured it out yet, there is no podcast this week. it isn't because i hate you. or because i hate myself. it's because i've been in the studio, getting down with some +44, celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary and working with some rad bands. i have the songs all picked out for the next podcast, which should find its way to your computer next sooner or later, if not before, complete with the witty banter and passive aggression you've come to expect. remember, a podcast that i'm paying for out of my own pocket is only as good as the time i kill recording it. and sometimes not even that good. actually, scratch all that. i just decided to blame the whole fiasco on our new studio guy, james ingram. no, not THE james ingram, but A james ingram nonetheless. a little bit about james: he is from brattleboro, vermont. last month he quit his job at the bank and moved out to the city of angels to pursue a career in the recording industry. he is a leo and enjoys hockey. he also accepts blame in situations where i am too lazy to record podcasts. he says hi.


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