josh eichenbaum gives me the creeps!

josh eichenbaum gives me the creeps!
this is josh. he plays keyboards for something for rockets.
josh's picture was taken by jacques. he plays bass for something for rockets. my name is mark. i type in short sentences. cool. so i used a bunch of pictures in the last podcast that jacques took while we were in the studio making sweet we were making music. anyway, i wanted to credit jacques with all the great photos he's contributed to my podcast and let people know that you can see more of his work by visiting his website

also in my last podcast were pics of imogen heap. as i did not credit her photographers then (and will likely use them again as i've interviewed her for my next podcast), i would like to credit them now. thanks to justine pearsall, vicky dawe and michael crooke for taking pictures and letting me take them from the imogen heap publicity department. they have no idea who i am or that this podcast even exists, but i thank them anyway.

also, the photos of the matches in the studio were taken by nick slatkin. thanks to go out to him. and thanks to CLIP ART for the public-domain, royalty-free pictures of unicorns. these actually aren't "pictures" as in "photographs" because photographs would prove once and for all that unicorns are 1) real and 2) magical... because they are... and they grant wishes. but you already know that.

and a special thanks to whoever it was out there that wished upon a unicorn that a podcast would arrive last tuesday. without you, this podcast was but a dream. but i digress...

i should also thank greg ramirez who took the photo of me standing in front of the trees outside our studio, looking happily off to the side. you might be interested to know that there was nothing going on where i was looking. i was ACTING like there was something funny and cool off to my right. yes, i am THAT good.

this thanking thing is taking forever. i am never thanking or giving credit to photographers and their talent and hard work ever again. i hate jacques brautbar.

finally, last friday my friend jon and i showed up twenty minutes early for lunch and killed time by getting passport photos taken...of both of us. it wasn't the most "masculine" of moments. we were basically taken into a 3x4 office where we wedged into a narrow doorway and tried to squeeze close enough to get both of our faces in the shot. when i look at this photo in ten years, it will remind me of our carefree youth.
when jon looks back at this photo in ten years, it'll remind him of the last time he ever showed up early to anything. which reminds me to thank the guy who took our passport photos.
josh eichenbaum gives me the creeps!
have a great weekend!


- Hi, My Name Is Mark
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josh eichenbaum gives me the creeps! josh eichenbaum gives me the creeps! Mark & Josh Eichenbaum Mark & Rami Perlman josh eichenbaum gives me the creeps!

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