worth the wait?

some things are worth the wait. this podcast is an excellent example of that trite phrase. i know we are two weeks behind delivering you the podcast, but guess what? we have our reasons. and once you hear the reasons for the delay in delivery, you will take back your harsh words of "where is the crappy podcast?" and change them into "well alright mark, you old so and so."

anyway, the first reason we are a week behind is the fact that we decided to make an hour-long podcast. that's right, this baby is an hour long. three podcasts in one, and five times as long-winded and boring as your average 20 minute podcast. do the math, people. if you do the math using your algebraic skills from the college that you dropped out of like i did, that's a hundred minutes of podcast goodness to fill up your already limited hard drive.

also, we have been deep in (+44) world. rehearsing, mastering the album, getting ready to play shows, leaking a song, those types of things. the album is nearly complete. we are working on the artwork as we speak. as we speak? as i type?

also, sadly, jon's grandfather passed away last week, so he has been in new jersey with his family.

but now, here we are, back on track, ready to go. so here is your boring ass podcast. enjoy it.


- Hi My Name Is Mark

[Podcast #22]

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