Taking Back Sunday on Mark's podcast

Dal sito ufficiale dei Taking Back Sunday:

so we got a call from our pal Mark Hoppus the other day and he offered to have us on his brand new podcast and of course we said yes. for money and sexual favors. after we got the 'business' part of the deal out of the way, we had ourselves a good ol'time podcasting away. His show is called "HI, my name is Mark" and you can find it on the itunes main page or at himynameismark.com. It should be available for downloading sept 27th. We reveal many secrets about life and our new album. And you cant see it on the podcast, but Marks hair looks great. I might start my own podcast soon for the sole purpose of having east coast/west coast beef with Marks podcast.

choose a side or be caught in the crossfire.


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