Mark podcast message

Mark podcast message
dear podcasts,
sometimes i wish I knew how to quit you. other times, however, i am excited to be here with you in this golden age of entertainment. only four weeks into 2006, and all signs are pointing to this year being one of the greatest the world has ever seen. what are these signs, you ask?

the first is a video of kevin federline rocking out to an amazing new track of his called "popozao," which he describes as "a brazilian ass shaker" of a song. it's truly great. and then there’s this video of david hasselhoff flying through the air in a leather jacket while singing a cover of "hooked on a feeling."

also, check out the trailer for the new mel gibson film "apocalypto" on the apple site ( watch it once and you'll see what i saw the first time i watched it: a trailer for a cool movie about mayans and tigers and pregnant women. now go back to the scene with the tiger chasing the guy. right after the guy hits the fence, pause the trailer and start viewing the frames one at a time (hit the right arrow). if you see what i saw, then you'll know two things: mel gibson rules and my friend jon has too much time on his hands.

finally, i want to thank the people at fuse for letting himynameismark be a part of their new microsite. now you'll be able to get your podcast of the year 2005 in oh so many of which is by visiting, which will, aside from filling your ipod with the sound of my voice, provide you with tons of ways to waste time at work when your boss isn't watching. now that's really sticking it to the man! listening to great bands and mediocre commentary. and what's a fofit, you ask? well you'll just have listen and find out for yourself.


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