Podcast #5

hello party people. i'm back and i have terrific news. this new podcast, the one with my voice on it and some music on it, the one you may be about to listen to, well, it's not all that great. i know it. my engineer knows it. brendan and his wife know it. and you'll know it soon, too. and it's my fault. i take all the blame. just because the entire content is made up of me talking to the motion city soundtrack guys and the motion city soundtrack guys picked the music doesn't mean that anything should be put on motion city soundtrack. i mean, if i had to say that someone else was responsible, it would clearly be motion city soundtrack. but alas, i am the one steering this ship. and yet you can still count on some quality music and quality conversation. overall though, the podcast is a little undercooked. or overcooked. i don't want to tell you how you like your meat (or tofu for my vegetarian friends). the truth is, the motion city soundtrack guys did come through with some rad bands (this is me smiling, the maple state, limbeck). my wife, however, came through with a brand new black video ipod and an invite to a halloween party at carrie fisher's house. which is the main reason why on most nights i go to bed with my wife and not the guys from motion city soundtrack. anyway, here's what i'm suggesting: download the podcast, then download the new kevin federline jam (best song ever!), then eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. somewhere in there you'll find something above average to make up for the rest. remember, himynameismark might not always bring you great joy, but it'll always get you what you paid for....and special thanks to the motion city guys for letting me interview them, play their music and later that night ruin their show by inviting me on stage. oh yeah, and for those of you who've been picking up the black sidekicks, might i remind you that i paid $300 less for mine. man, that kind of made me sound like a bit of a jerk...a jerk who got a free sidekick


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