warped tour

as you're reading this blog and/or downloading the podcast (or ignoring this blog and/or neglecting the podcast), we here at the morning zoo are enjoying the warped tour festivities in ventura county. the plan is to capture some of the sights and sounds of the warped tour and spend the rest of the summer (only on odd tuesdays) delivering them to you in small pieces. that's assuming you care... and that it actually happens. and that we don't flake out on the warped tour and go instead to magic mountain and spend our day upside down on roller coasters. only time will tell. in the meatime...

this podcast turned out pretty well i think. please feel free to relish in the fact that i throw jon under the bus a few times on here and that our dear james ingram is exposed as the creep that he is. but please don't forget that on this podcast it's all about music. and a bunch of people sitting around talking. but mostly the music.

on this podcast is a song by maritime as well as two of our favorite saddle creek bands, beep beep and criteria. i think you'll like them, if for no other reason than that i like them. which may, incidentally, be grounds for not liking them. but you can be the judge of that...

i hope everyone's july fourth was the greatest ever and check the archives for yesterday's short post, which includes a link to a david hasselhoff video that is every bit as amazing as a david hasselhoff video should be.



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