Mark Podcast #7

happy tuesday!

today marks the long-awaited, highly-anticipated (yet likely-to-disappoint) return of the himynameismark podcast. it is a day that will be forever remembered by very few people and will be celebrated only by several crossover kelly clarkson fans...and my mom.

in this week’s podcast, you'll find songs from renee renee, something for rockets (remixed by our very own chris holmes) and imogen heap, who created one of the coolest songs i've heard in a very long time. also inside is an exclusive interview with something for rockets’ resident heartthrob-slash-magician rami perlman. it's very subtle, but if you listen carefully, it's obvious that rami is trying to out-sexy my voice with his. listen to him fail miserably.

also, check out where renee posted a short video from the studio where we are working on a track for his forthcoming album. featured on the video is james ingram - (our james ingram, not "baby come to me" james ingram) threatening to deface my manager's car. it's good old-fashion fun with a twenty-first century twist.

i also want to remind you that we are now multi-addressed. we have a plethora of links. or two links. actually yes, it's just two. do you even know what a plethora is? anyway, you can now find us directly by typing in one of two web addresses. the first is the original version - or "90210" version as i like to call it – The second version, the new school - or "OC" version - is by visiting both links will take you to the same exact site. oh, and of course, you can subscribe to the podcast on these pages OR by finding himynameismark on itunes. oh so many ways to find oh so not much at all. enjoy!


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