Terzo podcast di Mark

so yeah, i just flew back from hawaii and boy is my new podcast tired. not the music though. the music is rad. it makes me think of pretty things. like unicorns and kelly clarkson's voice. things like that and not like the freezing cold air conditioning vents in the first class cabin on my way back to la. and i know what you're thinking. "oh, poor mark. he had suffer through the cold air in first class." and really all i can say to you is that i appreciate your concern. really i do. i'd also like to add that they gave us all blankets made out of pegasus fur. which feel nice against the skin, but really aren't so warm. i had to snuggle with this 300 pound man just to keep my blood temperature within vertebrate levels. and i am definitely NOT complaining about that part. anyway, this week's bands that will one day regret being in any way associated with me are the actual, aberdeen city, mae and oh so not much more. enjoy. and congratulations to chris and lauren on their wedding.


Ecco i punti principali:

  • Mark ha fatto intervistare a sua mamma Jacob dei Mae.
  • La mamma di Mark è andata in tour con i Blink un paio di volte.
  • Mark ha messo sua mamma in linea.
  • Non ha detto nulla sui blink-182, sui Plus 44 o sugli Angels And Airwaves.

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