Mark Podcast #11

hey, check out the new site!

hello people. himynameismark just got a lot cooler. i mean, look at this site! notice the pretty flowers, the unicorns, the rainbows, the balloon-wielding floating human. is this cool or what? it almost makes me want to cry, but i can't decide if it's from joy or shame... anyway, come on it. stay a while. make yourself at home. does your home like this? i sure hope not.

so along with the revamped website, there's a new podcast. it's number eleven or, as they say in spanglish, numero eleven. on this week's himynameismark, we talk to rwo bands that sent in music on good ol myspace - for felix & the bottom line - and play you some rad songs that we're almost entirely positive they've written and performed. i think you'll like them... mostly because i'm telling you that you will. or maybe you'll hate them... mostly because of the sentence i wrote before this one.

himynameismark also includes the podcast return of our dear friend tony thaxton of motion city soundtrack fame. he is as morning-weary as ever. add that to some podcast slumber meeting highlights and you have yet another half hour of your life flushed right down the toilet.

hope you like it.


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