Quarto podcast di Mark

yes yes. i am back at it, and you are in for a treat. you're stoked these bands let me use their music, otherwise it would just be me telling you about all the cool things going on. like last week when i went to see travis and dj-am play mr. cartoon's sidekick party and rubbed elbows with some of hollywood's finest, including some of the cast of the oc and the laguna beach show. i'm ashamed to say that i haven't gotten a chance to catch an episode of either one, but i bet my friend brendan would've dug being there if he weren't at home pre-apologizing to his wife about this week's podcast. it was quite the evening and one that my friend jon probably would've enjoyed more if he weren't running around trying to get my wife and me free sidekicks. i feel bad that jon worked all night, but not that bad because i've got the #7 limited edition cartoon sidekick. anyway, enough feeling sorry for them. enjoy the new podcast. it includes some of my favorite songs by idiot pilot, stellastarr, the nervous return and the lawrence arms. it's christmastime come early in podcast land.


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