Podcast #6

podcasting is hard work. really it is. besides having to instruct my management to get me permission to use whatever songs i want, i also have to keep my engineer company while he edits the recording and bleeps the s--- out of my voice. well this week everyone else's hard work was worth it. we've got metric and moneen and dinosaur f---ing jr. and possibly the best podcast ever. EVER. i'm seriously psyched and i hope you will be too. in fact, when you're sitting around the table on thursday with your family and friends, getting ready for your thanksgiving feast, you're going to want to explain to that family and those friends what you're truly thankful for. my podcast. and if you could be thankful for two things, well, feel free to be thankful for the first season of lost, which i bought off itunes and watched in four days. really people, for my money, it really doesn't get much hotter than 42 minutes of commercial-free matthew fox...except of course for 42-minutes of commercial-free matthew fox in the wilderness. and with that said, i'd like to wish happy birthdays to travis, my sister anne and my mom (who's birthday festivities are outlined in this podcast). until next time...


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  • Ha raccontato un storia divertente di sua madre che si è ubriacata.
  • È stato un buon podcast, soprattutto se lo si confronto con quello scorso.

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