james and my missing fountain drink

oh man am i hungry. i've been here at the studio since 8:30 this morning. (+44)'ing. singing songs, writing stuff, hanging out with friends. doing what i do. and now i look at the time and here it is 2:30 and we haven't eaten lunch yet. time flies when you're having fun. daniel, travis's drum tech, suggested this new restaurant that serves great sandwiches. or so he claims.

as i type this to all you fine people, food is en route from said restaurant to our humble studio here in the heart of the city of angels. for myself, i ordered a turkey sandwich with raclette cheese. seriously, i can't wait. i have no idea what raclette cheese is, but that's what life is all about - new experiences. here we are. seizing the day! discovering new things! eating sandwiches from a shop we have never been to before! we really live every day to its fullest here.

the only thing is, i wish they had fries. it's one of those high end sandwich shops that you get a salad with your sandwich and they don't ask you if you want fries with that. a salad! a salad? what the hell... so bummed. why does the man try and keep me down, keep me away from completing my delicious lunch? and, by the way, they also don’t have any fountain drinks. i'm going to reach deep down and find the strength to get through this. i'll be okay, don't you worry. thanks for your concern. anyway what the hell was i talking about? oh yeah, the podcast...

there are two bands on this podcast: nightmare of you and anti-flag. they both rule. you're welcome. there's more...

there's a very special interview with our dear friend joshua gaines. why is joshua gaines our dear friend? well, let's just say that he and his friend jason hurley went ahead and built something that makes us at himynameismark very proud. very very proud. what did they build? you'll just have to listen.

also featured are phone conversations with people you probably have never met, but will instantly adopt as your new best friends. so don't miss it. or, if you do miss it, just make sure you download it at a later date. please and thank you.


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