this week in podcast

this week in podcast:

so last saturday, some friends and i got a suite at the W hotel in westwood, ca to record an on-location podcast. the idea was simple: a bunch of friends sitting around in a hotel room that i paid for, consuming drinks that i'd provided and cheese that i'd picked up from the cheese store of beverly hills, talking to each other about life, love, music, art and current events on a microphone that i own and allowing ourselves to be recorded on a computer that i'd purchased. but jon brought the cups. nevertheless...

i'd happily bankrolled the entire evening and all i asked for was some good, clean, wholesome fun. something i'd be proud for all of you to listen to. but all my freeloading friends seemed to care about were the free drinks and making jokes so obscene they would be editted out of r-rated movies. there was one about a clown that will make me hate james forever. it's etched into my mind alongside chris and shane describing certain activities that make me question the very fabric of their being. we all laughed like idiots while something inside of us all died a little bit.

oh yeah, everyone brought their girlfriends, wives and/or awkward new acquaintances. and just to really embrace what was becoming a theme of palpable discomfort, we bought a certain cowboy movie on pay-per-view that i managed to mostly ignore but still turned my head just in time to witness a certain less than gentle love scene. anyway...

so this week in los angeles, james and i will be listening to the 3-plus hours of audio and trying to find, searching desperately for, praying to discover some semblance of usable recording so that we can give you the best of what turned out to be a very odd night without offending anyone or grossing/creeping anyone out or embarrassing my friends to the extent that they decide to change their names. i had the best time, but man are my friends weird.

so keep any eye out for one hell of an editing job while we try to give you a highlight reel along with some more coherent conversation and music. i hope i still have friends afterwards...

stay tuned.


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