go lakers... i guess

oh man. this is getting good. intense. insane even. and i know you know what i'm talking about. the lakers. kicking some major ass. and i'm so psyched about it. woohoo!

okay, i lied. i don't normally follow sports at all, but i know the lakers are in the playoffs. and they won this weekend. i'm down. when it's final four time, my mind is on the lakers. my friend hoover would be so proud. and now that it's march madness, i'm ready to root the lakers on. to make sure i'm just enough in the loop so that when some dude at the gas station is filling up next to me and says, "hey man, you see that game?" i can lie and say, "yeah. crazy, huh?" and not be exposed as the sports-clueless, figure-skating aficionado that i am.

so anyway, podcast fourteen. this one is, like, a million times better than podcast thirteen, which if you ask me, almost feels like it doesn't even exist. this one features music by eight fingers down, hidden in plainview and the futureheads. three great bands. and we talk to some members of the bands. and my mom. and james is there and it's just good old fashioned fun and you’re soooooooo friggin lucky that i waste my time so that you can too.

prepare to be underwhelmed and wonder where your last thirty minutes went.


- Hi, My Name Is Mark

Dowload Podcast #13-#14

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