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so guess who's in love with the podcast now? that's right my friends: aol. aol - the people that brought us that amazing meg ryan / tom hanks film about getting mail - and hostile takeovers of bookstores - have listed himynameismark 14th on their AOL EDITOR PODCAST PICKS. so now there's another way to find the podcast. it's at and it's just wonderful. we're number 14 ... WITH A BULLET!

and i guess i should also give aol the credit it deserves for this whole instant messager phenomenon, which now dominates all communication. how else could i turn a five-minute phone call into thirty-minutes of typing? and how else could my friends suffer the indignity of a booty call rejection without the added embarrassment of a live chuckle coming from the other end of the phone? thank you, aol! now wherever i go, all my buddies are there, ready to start an intruiging conversation about the structure of language or man's purpose on earth with a "yo" or "hi." i hate my friends.

in addition, i've joined myspace. i know, i know. i'm officially the last person in the world to join, but really that was the plan all along. that's kind of how i roll. i keep an eye on new, innovative ideas, wait for them to blow up, and then, when they're fully ripe and everyone's taken a bite...i pounce. speaking of...have you guys heard this band called coldplay? i think they might just make it.

i don't know what i intend to do with my myspace page, if anything. i do know, however, that this is the very first myspace page i've made. i've never made another page, hosted another page, commented on another page or blogged on another page. so take THAT fake mark hoppuses! or is it hoppusses? hoppii? is it bad that i don't know how to pluralize my own name? and why would anyone want to impersonate me in the first place? i’m (insert your favorite insult here). anyway, be my friend on myspace at and we'll all grow old together. byebye!


- Hi, My Name Is Mark

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