today's post is all about excuses. why we can't deliver. i'll let james go first.

excuse? the only excuse i will ever give has to do with the safety pf the podcast devotees. here at the studio, while slaving over the podcast, tirelessly editing and making mark sound like the champion he is, i was informed that a picture of me, with freshly-shaven mohawk, was to put be up on himynameismark. due to excessive awesomeness, i had to veto this act. i figured the number of hearts stopping and brains exploding in sheer amazement would number in the millions. people, i care about you all and cannot bring myself to reduce the number of podcast subscribers in this fashion. maybe in the near future i will let this historical document be viewed by my adoring public, but i will need some convincing and assurances that you can handle something which is awesome to the banjilionth degree. i love you all. james ingram in '06, thanks for voting.

thanks james. believe me people, you NEED to see this photo. please send james encouraging messages to his myspace page, which is www.myspace.com/jimmyvt he needs some convincing before he will let us post the photo. and now, on to our casual acquaintance jon kalter, who has failed us for three weeks now trying to get a song from the original harmonica band. why does jon hate us? why does jon hate YOU? let's let him explain...

it's not that i don't want people to hear the OHB, which isn't to say that i'm not enjoying the onslaught of threats and insults that have made their way to my myspace inbox. truth be told, i work pretty hard to make sure this whole podcast/blog ordeal runs smoothly, often times reminding certain ambiguous, finger-pointing thirty-something to stop their old N*SYNC dvds and finishing their f*ing blogs. so if anyone cares, we've been trying to clear a song, but as the one located band member has no idea who owns his masters - which is the same story we've gotten from the publisist and national association of harmonica players - we're finding little success. we're still trying. i still don't feel like i've done wrong. and i think james is a fool - the picture of him could only further his quest for sex symbol status... but then again, some people are content with tri-weekly strip-club trips and the occasional "special" message. that's all. love/hate, me.

yeah whatever jon. and now finally, i offer my excuse why i have to fill my posts with other people writing excuses. and here it is: why? cause f*ck them, that's why.

see you next week.


- Hi My Name Is Mark

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