another person lets us all down

why is this podcast a day late? why haven't you, the loyal listener/viewer gotten this podcast on time? james ingram, that's why!

why have you been deprived of - for now - an amazing story that reaches deep into the social phenom that is our studio's own james ingram? why have you been robbed of this tale of debauchery, love, sadness and, ultimately, a drunken man abandoned in an empty parking lot? why have you lost out on - again, for now - the amazing song that was to accompany this tale? james ingram, that's why!

as little consolation, you still get me. and you still get some rad interviews and some of the most amazing music that bellingham, washington has ever produced. but you don't get everything i wanted you to have. and why is that? because of, well, james ingram. that's why!

until we meet again...unless james effs that up, too.

bye for now


- Hi My Name Is Mark

[Podcast #21]

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