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hello everybody!

i hope you enjoyed the latest in my series of podcasts. i know some of you have because i was awarded music podcast of the year from and fused is now hosting me!

i know each and everyone one of you are anticipating the arrival of some new plus forty four music. well it will be here soon enough. we had alot more studio time together now since travis's break with the transplants. carol, travis and myself are in the studio non stop. ohh yeah, that reminds me. i heard carol was dead or quit the band? well let me clear this one up for all of you. carol is very much alive, she actually is sitting right next to me on this nice comfy leather couch. so dont get your hopes up :)

i really hope you guys have checked out something for rockets. their one of my biggest inspirations in this all new electronic side of music. go check them out at or


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