Travis in Kerrang!

Now that blink-182 is over, is the Transplants your main focus?
"Absolutely, It's always meant the world to me. It was always a bona fide real band to us. But this time we're going to make up for lost time, for all the times we never got to put into this band before. We're doing Warped Tour, then festivals in Europe, and then we'll be doing a headlining tour and going to Japan next year."

How's work with Mark Hoppus on Plus-44 going?
"It's amazing. It's Mark, my friend Carol Heller and myself. This is just something new and refreshing, it's a new chapter in our lives and our writing. It just feels good to write music and do something that's different and that's a departure from Blink."

Have you hung out with Tom Delonge recently?
"No, I haven't actually. Tom is doing his own thing and he has his own solo thing, so he's busy doing that while I'm doing the Transplants and Mark and I are doing Plus-44."

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