In-studio journal by Tom DeLonge

Tom ha inserito il suo primo capitolo del giornale di bordo nella sezione degli Angels And Airwaves sul sito della Macbeth.

hello children.....First I want to say thanks for your intrest in all the new projects, I know its a lot to soak in...but I think you guys are gonna have a lot of fun this coming year with all this stuff. Don't pay attention to most articles coming out, as the magazines are trying to create a negative vibe between me and the other guys....its not true. But, I must say, I have been lifting weights, doing squats and such...feelin' good....The studio has been amazing lately. Really cool shit, it's different, but the best I have done. I hope you like it. By the way, when I say I'm the "second coming of Christ", just remember, I also said the last Blink record was going to create world peace, I guess jokes don't print well...well here is one that does:

"Doctor, I'm having that dream again." the patient said.
"Oh?" The shrink replies. "Which one?"
"The one where I'm into sadism, necrophilia, and bestiality. Should I be worried or am I beating a dead horse?"

That was pathetic-

Oh yeah, this very second I am writing a song about picking your best friend up when he/she is at the worst in their life.....this song will give you those fancy little goose bumps-

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