In-studio Journal by Tom DeLonge #2

Good's a sunny San Diego morning, and I shall be writing the lyrics to my last song today. Althought it will be a little bit until the album comes out, we will very soon let you little perverts hear some of it. David, Atom and Ryan are doing good, they are the funniest fuckers...I have known these dudes for awhile, and David for about 13-14 years, and you all will be talking to them soon. As soon as I let them out of the closet...Oh shit, if you guys only knew what this music sounds are going to love it....unless you have bad taste, and if so may God place the herpes upon you. To let you know what I am planning....well, I am putting together the best live show, the best music snd the best movie all at shall be the most amzing thing ever to happen to music, or the worst....kind of like your breath

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