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Meet Angels And Airwaves

Blink-182 may have split, but vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge is definitely around to stay. He's teamed up with a few famous buddies - Atom (Offspring, ex-Rocket From The Crypt), Ryan Sinn (ex-Distillers) and David Kennedy (ex-Boxcar Racer) - to form the supergroup that is Angels And Airwaves. They all rocked in their former bands so imagine the noise they're going to make now...

What's the craziest adventure you've ever been on?
TOM: Our last photo shoot was f***ing epic. A two-hour boat ride outside of California, a mile hike up a hill carrying wheelbarrows and dragging gear behind us. Then, after we came back, it was pitch black and we almost drowned and died.
RYAN: That boat almost got cut in half.
TOM: I forgot about that, our boat almost got cut in half by this big wire from a towboat pulling a barge. The only thing that beats that is when I went to the Middle East with my old band. I was on an aircraft going into Kuwait and there was a missile warning and we had to drop down and let off some flares. It was f***ing scary.

Why did you go over there?
TOM: Just to play to the troops. What a wonderful experience that was actually, but it was scary.

Do aliens exist?
TOM: Yes, they do. But they take on many forms.
ATOM: It could be anyone in this room.
TOM: I definitely think there is life out there, there's gotta be. They just found life on Mars, like microbial life. If that's one planet imagine what's out there in the rest of space.
DAVID: Yeah, how could there not be life somewhere else?
RYAN: I think it's pretty naive to think that we're the only form of life.
TOM: We don't even know what's in our oceans.
ATOM: Yeah, exactly.

We hear you like conspiracy theories, Tom.
TOM:Yeah, I think that some of them are real. I think that a lot of really odd sh*t went down on 9/11, like some really creepy, odd stuff. A lot of creepy stuff happened at Roswell in Mexico. I think that in America the only thing bigger than the government is corporations, and their access to money seems to have more control over anything in America. Anything. I believe that there's some crazy stuff going on.

Fast food fans or healthy eaters?
TOM: Both.
DAVID: In theory we all like to eat healthy but the fact is having bad fuel is better than no fuel at all.

Sum up the UK in 3 words.
ATOM: Fish and chips.

How much would you be willing to spend on an item of clothing?
RYAN: These jeans were only £7, I don't like to spend a lot. I've never owned an expensive pair of jeans, the most expensive I've bought was something like £120.
TOM: I've got like a 20 grand leather jacket at home.
ALL: [Laugh]
TOM: I know. You know what the deal is, all your clothes should be free, really cheap, but you should have f***ing rad jackets.

Most embarrassing CD in your collection?
DAVID: Nelly Furtado. I have a lot of guilty pleasures and that Whoa Nelly CD was alright.
RYAN: I used to love Enya, I used to have the box set. I was stoked that when I got here I turned on the classical video channel and it had Enya on it. I called my wife and left a message like, 'Dude, Enya is on TV and it's awesome.'
ATOM: Ok A, you like Enya. And B, you just called your wife dude.

If you were President for the day, what would you do?
TOM: I would go straight to Area 51 (area in Nevada desert owned by US Government, often associated with UFO conspiracies) and see where the aliens are.
ATOM: I'd reform the United States Government, fire everybody.

What's the strangest thing you've done while intoxicated?
TOM: That's a good question.
DAVID: I've never drunk [laughs].

You've never drunk?
DAVID: No, I've never so I don't know. This is a question for everybody else.
ATOM: I just remember being on a doorstep and just waking up.
DAVID: I know Tom has some stories.
TOM: It's something to do with a chick... and a parking lot.
DAVID: I knew it. I was gonna talk to you about that.
RYAN: There's too many. I don't know where to start.

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