Travis & Cadillac

Travis Barker ha lanciato la nuova Cadillac SUV la scorsa sera alla mostra dell'auto di Detroit.

Blink 182 drummer helps launch new Cadillac
DETROIT Continuing its efforts to market to a younger audience, Cadillac has launched its 2007 Escalade with some rock star appeal.

Blink one-82 drummer Travis Barker help launch the new S-U-V last night at the Detroit auto show.

Cadillac joined urban lifestyle custom-car publication DUB Magazine to have Barker on hand.

Barker stars in M-T-V's "Meet the Barkers."

He performed with disc jockey D-J A-M as the company and the magazine unveiled a customized new Escalade for Barker.

Barker already has several Cadillacs and loves the brand so much that he has its logo tattooed on his chest.


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