Hoppus Reveals Plus 44 Details

Former Blink-182 members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, who recently split with his wife, have combined for the band Plus 44 (+44). The album is titled When Your Heart Stops Beating, and it will be out November 14. The outfit reunites two out of three Blink members, with Tom Delonge concentrating on his Angels And Airwaves project.

Barker had played in Delonge's sideband Boxcar Racer before re-teaming with Hoppus for Plus 44. Hoppus talked about the relationship he shares with the talented Barker."Oh, it's great. Yeah. Travis and I since Day 1 have always worked great together. He's introduced me to so many different ideas in music that I wouldn't have gotten introduced to before. Travis has the most schizophrenic tastes in music than anyone I have ever met. He'll come one day and say, 'You've got to check out this rock band,' and it'll be some way out metal rock band. And then the next day he'll say, 'Check out this hip-hop artist.' And the next day he'll come with something like Tatu, those two Russian singers, you know, and he'll love that. He always has really great tastes in music and he's always introducing me to stuff, so I think we work really well together, for sure."

The album is produced by Jerry Finn, and fans can finally check the band out on the Bamboozle Left festival on October 14 in California. A full itinerary has not been released at press time.

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