spend your money

here's what you need to do. first, get to the store (online or "brick and mortar") and purchase the PUNK GOES 90's comp that fearless records released today. among other great tracks, it features a classic NIN song covered by the super-talented himynameismark alumn "mae." and don't even get me started on who produced the hell out of this track. i mean, when i say that the production was second to none and that the producer may or may not be hung like a dinosaur, well, i'm only kinda lying. actually, the producing on the song is second only to the production on the original. but the dinosaur thing is true. nevertheless, the song rules. trent reznor wrote it. mae performed it. mark hoppus (that's me. my name is mark) produced it. chris holmes engineered and mixed it. james brought us all delicious food and coffee. we all did our part. now it's up to you. check it out.

or don't. i'm not a bully. i'm not going to make you buy a cd that you don't want to buy (you want to buy it - go buy it). but maybe you'd rather buy "surprise" by paul simon. co-written and produced by brian eno. also available today. also great. sure to bring you joy and wonder and everything else you'd expect from paul simon and the father of ambient music.

or you can go out and buy "st elsewhere" by gnarls barkley. it’s cee-lo (of goodie mob fame) and dangermouse (of gorillaz, grey album and dangerdoom fame) and it’s very rad. and while you’re at it, you could also pick up the album dangermouse did with jemini the gifted one. it’s called "ghetto pop life."

or you can act like a 50 year old man like my 26 year old friend jon and tell me how excited you are because season six of the west wing is finally available for purchase. jon and my dad would get along great. what if jon ended up with my dad and james ended up with my mom? the holidays may be getting very awkward soon...

did i mention that the golden girls season five box set came out today?

back to work. do my bidding. that is all.


- Hi, My Name Is Mark

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