Travis Barker: At Guitar Center - Give The Drummer Some


Travis Barker is undeniably one of the most recognized and exciting drummers in the world, playing for bands like the Aquabats, Blink-182, Box Car Racer, Transplants and +44. He has appeared in television shows, commercials and videogames, started clothing labels and even has stakes in a fast food franchise. Travis Barker is a modern-day magnate.
With his new, self-produced solo album, Give The Drummer Some, close to release and a new mix-tape, Let The Drummer Get Wicked, on its way, the mohawk-sporting, plane crash-surviving, ink-skinned, skin-bashing wunderkind took some time out to talk to us Nic Harcourt (KCRW and The Live Buzz) at the inaugural taping of Guitar Center's new podcast, At Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt, about his upcoming involvement in Guitar Center's "Your Next Record" and his new album.

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