On The Road w/ Steve Aoki #30 SSMF FEST 2012


00:00 Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)
00:35 Lil Jon Cameo
00:38 Dual Champagne Showers w/ Lil Jon
00:59 Miss Palmer Cameo
01:09 [[zuper blahq]] Cameo
01:26 Travis Barker Cameo
01:42 Army Of The Universe Cameo
01:46 Cakeface 1
02:19 Cakeface 2
02:34 1 Million Facebook Likes Giant Cake Dive! (thank you fans!)

Steve flies back into LA for a day to play the Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012 where he celebrates hitting 1 million likes on Facebook by diving into one of the absolute, biggest cakes, we've ever seen! (seriously)

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