Pay Any Price

Go! Go!
Transplants won't forget it
Past debit is will to test it
Beat down, won't regret it
Only when I can, I can accept it
And I speak for the one's who've been kicked hard
Because I know what's it's like to be discard and uh
Pushed down and beaten hard and when the times are rough
I'm gonna go step hard

Pay any price, pay any verdict
Transplants gonna take it on, that is for certain

See the devil smile, feed the devils child
Pray to Jesus but you've laid low for a while
All my trouble ways, in a constant maze
It's killafornia so that's why I'm in a constant haze
Some are born to ride, I seem to wonder why
These sons of bitches still alive and all my home boys die
I can change the past
I can take it back
Well I'd like to live what chance to die I gotta make it crack

You might lose you might win
You might finish or just begin
She's stretching the facts so thin
That bitch is lying again
Intellectual vindication
Low minded sophistication
Imparity is my equation
You're gonna get my evaluation