Blink-182's Tom DeLonge talks about space and UFOs - Spacing Out! Ep. 32


Tom DeLonge is a well-known and accomplished musician. But in addition to his impressive musical career, Tom has an impressive level of knowledge related to UFOs. We sit down with this veteran UFO researcher to talk about space and UFOs. We also discuss a series of glowing lights over San Francisco, comments made by Russia's prime minister about aliens, and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!


Developed and Produced by Jason McClellan & Maureen Elsberry
Hosted by Maureen Elsberry and Jason McClellan
Edited by Michael Cline
Music by Caleb Hanks

Tom DeLonge's websites:
Blink-182 -
Angels & Airwaves -
Strange Times - (down temporarily)
Macbeth Shoes -

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