Figlio uccide i genitori e poi va al concerto

Ecco l'articolo dove si parla di un ragazzo che ha ucciso i genitori e poi è andato a un concerto dei blink-182:

A martial arts enthusiast killed his parents in a "savage, almost ritual" knife attack before going to a rock concert, a court heard yesterday.

Michael Clark was accused of stabbing his father Milroy, 70, a former policeman, and mother Joan, 56, a child minder, in December 2004.

After killing them, Clarke, 21, went to a concert by the American band Blink 182 at Wembley Arena with two friends, Bristol Crown Court heard.

It was alleged that Clarke kept up the pretence that his parents were alive by making mobile phone calls to them at the family home in Melksham, Wilts.

In one he said: "Hello dad, just me, we're on the road. Call me back, bye." The calls were recorded on an answer phone.

At Wembley he met another friend, Stuart Painter, who had travelled from Canterbury, Kent, where he was at university.

Clarke handed him the murder weapon, along with his bloodstained shoes and coat, in a holdall, the jury heard.

After the concert, Clarke returned to Wiltshire and pretended to discover the murder scene, it was alleged.

He was arrested two days later and charged with murder.

Clarke went on trial with Painter, who was accused of impeding the apprehension of an offender. Both deny the charges.

The court heard that Clarke's father had 17 stabbing and slash wounds to his head, face, neck, chest and back, while his mother had 14 similar injuries. The weapon has not been found.

Nigel Pascoe QC, prosecuting, said: "Both died where they fell - the mother in the upstairs bedroom and the father at the top of the stairs."

He added that there was no obvious motive but there were possible clues. "Michael Clarke had a great interest and skill in different forms of martial arts, including knife work," said Mr Pascoe.

"He possessed a large number and varied collection of knives and there are two sides to the character of him.

"On the surface he showed a warm, loving relationship with his parents but there is also another much darker side. Such a young man may be, at the very least, a potential candidate for this savage, almost ritualistic, killing."

The court heard that Clarke was born with a severe hare lip and cleft palate and had a string of operations as a child. For this reason his parents were very protective of him, said Mr Pascoe.

He described Clarke's father as "fastidious and firm" and said the atmosphere at the family home could often be "overbearing" and "stifling".

But Clarke had grown into a strong man and was a black belt in a number of martial arts, the jury was told. He also had a collection of swords.

When police examined Clarke's computer they found he had accessed websites on killing people and how to dispose of bodies.

The trial continues.

- By Richard Savill

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