Oh man...

it has been way too long kids! Hope everyone had a nice holiday season and happy new years festivities. Some of you have been questioning Mark and his glorious podcast.. and I can tell you this, it will be back.. and it will be BETTER. He's taken some time off to record with +44 and enjoy the holidays, so have some patience... it'll be back. The spring line of Atticus shizzle is about to hit the stores, so keeo yo eyes peeled. For the most complete selection of Atticus gear in one place go to www.loserkids.com. You can also use the dealer locator on the atticus site to find our diggs in a shop near you. We are hard at work on the new Dragging the Lake, you will prolly see that out by springtime on Sideonedummy Records. There are going to be quite a few special treats on there, stuff you won't even expect.. stuff that'll make you wet your pants. Everyone needs to watch Motion City Soundtrack on Kimmel next week, but don't worry I'll remid ya'll again. Peace out.

- Atticus

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