Celeb Pick: Mark Hoppus

All the small things that matter to this badass bassist

Mark Hoppus is much more than just the pulsing bass in blink-182. As co-founder of Atticus Clothing, Hoppus is as well-versed in personal style as he is in low-level frequencies. He hit us up with some of his current essentials.

I tend to wear the same four to five things over and over again. Right now I'm rockin' this kelly green Atticus jacket, my vintage Mickey Mouse t-shirt that I've had for 10 years, Dickies shorts and a pair of limited-edition Ice Cream shoes that my wife got me.

We get the best-smelling candles in that world from Hotel Cassis in Paris. We also have an Andy Warhol print in our house that I particularly love.

My Apple laptop, my iPod and my Sidekick are essential. I have a HiDef system at my house that happens to be set up in my dining room right now. I'm also really big into keyboards and I just got an old keyboard from the 80's called a Moog Source.

I'm into "The Empire Strikes Back," "Caddy Shack," "Fletch," anything that Will Farrell is in and the "Chapelle Show." I also love to watch old movies by Alfred Hitchcock

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