Influenc'd: Green Day

About: Influenc'd: Green Day
Do you remember where you were when Dookie came out? How old were you when you first heard "Longview"? Influenc'd: Green Day sheds light on the band's legacy in Rock n' Roll today. Follow Green Day as they mature from their first multi platinum album Dookie to the award winning American Idiot. With each album Green Day has taken chances... making music that they love; growing up but never giving in. Featuring Hawthorne Heights, Tom Delonge, Bayside, and Taking Back Sunday.

Il programma sarà su Fuse, giovedì 5 gennaio alle 10:00 pm. Il programma verrà trasmesso per altre tre volte:

Lunedì 09/01 alle 2:30 pm
Lunedì 09/01 alle 9:00 pm
Martedì 10/01 alla 1:00 am
(Tutti gli orari sono Usa EST)

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