Merry freakin' Christmas!

Merry freakin' Christmas!

Hey boys and girls, hope all is well and we hope you've been nice. Christmas is almost here and we couldn't be more exicted. First off, we'll be closed for a week, and I'll be going to Europe for New Years! 2005 has been a pretty strange and exciting year, we had the "hiatus" of blink, the explosion of Fall Out Boy and new music on the horizon from Mark and Tom... in separate bands. WIERD!!! There were a few amazing records released including, Motionn City's "Commit This To Memory", Lydia's "This December; it's one more and I'm free" and of course "The Everglow" by Mae. We've never been more proud of our friends and family and hope 2006 is even better for them all! So, as a little thanks I tracked down Mark Hoppus who seems to have taken a "hiatus" from wasting bandwith on his podcast to record a little Merry Christmas message for you guys, it's short but with the schedule that guy has I'm surprised we even have this to offer. So Merry Christmas, and happy new year!!!

Mark's Christmas Message!

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