In-studio Journal #4

Maybe you children would be interested in knowing that I am working on posters and t-shirts designed by one of the lead artists of Star Wars.....maybe you would like to know that you will be able to have these limited pieces by joining an official section of the Angels and Airwaves site that will feature extra songs, photos, merchandise etc... Maybe i am not wearing any pants right now and maybe, just maybe someone will give you kisses for Halloween. by the way dont go see that movie Wallace and Grommit, there are no sex scenes at all.......I had pizza for dinner and it made me ill.....oh yeah, the site will launch on my birthday, and if you join the fanclub on it, you will hear music, see clips of the movie and be able to buy limited addition merchandise... We will also stream concerts on it, and you will have access to the band members directly....grab yourself a photo of a beautiful sunset, put the "AVA" logo on it, and prepare for something magical---

- Tom DeLonge

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