In-studio Journal #3 - "We are Angels And Airwaves"

In-studio Journal #3 - "We are Angels And Airwaves"

This has been a crazy few weeks...we have started our last song, and we had this little rule about 9 months ago, which said every new song we did had to be better than the last....well, there was no way I thought that really was possible....but it happened. This last song has given me the chills every time I hear it. Ryan just finished some bass tracks in-between episodes of Ali-G, and me and David have been taking long walks on the beach at sunset with our shirts off. There is also quite a little treat coming to you on my birthday....I promise that you will love it.

We have spent quite a lot of time planning how to make a new era of rock and roll, and this film and album i think are going to help with that. Imagine a record with 6-7 minute long songs, full of anthemic melody and long intro's, but it sounds totally the next step you would expect. A couple of song titles....The Adventure....Valkyrie Missile...It Hurts....I am building the website right now, it will have clips of the film, song exerpts, photos, merchandise, video stills, and clips as well. It will be here with in 30 days or so. "who do we think we are........we are Angels and Airwaves"

- Tom DeLonge

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