Keep A Breast

“Never before has a non-profit organization touched me like Keep A Breast. Like millions of others, I have been plagued by the devastating affects of breast cancer hitting not one, but multiple members of my family. Most recently, my aunt Theresa was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is extremely painful to sit and watch, helplessly praying for a life to be saved from an unrelenting, unseen force.

I have searched for ways to be involved; to do my part in what I think is everyone’s responsibility to help others in need. But, in my search, I have never found an organization that makes a greater impact then Keep A Breast. They have created an organization that calls to action those that can truly make a difference in the years to come - teens and young adults. Their events are inspiring, beautiful, modern and unique.

With all this ready this October 2005 for amazing events in New York and Los Angeles where my friends and I will be doing our part to support the cause!”

-Tom Delonge
musician & owner of Macbeth Athletics

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