Travis Barker - The Punk

Travis Barker - The PunkWhat do you do when your band goes on an indefinite hiatus? You focus on three others and ink a deal for a second season of your MTV reality show, Meet the Barkers. This tattooed former drummer for Blink-182 has been dishing out versatility through his current projects, which include a collaboration with DJ-AM; his second album with the Transplants, Haunted Cities; and a CD with his new band, Plus 44. Travis is living proof that if you cop enough attitude, you can make a pair of Dickies look good.

STUFF: To bling or not to bling?
TRAVIS: To bling, I think, as long as you set it off properly. I pretty much dress like a bum...ripped T-shirt, Dickies, socks and some sneakers. But I’ll set that off with a watch like my Rolex, or one of my diamond rings.

Would you kill to make your leather shoes?
No, I’m not one to rock leather. But I do love my Louis Vuitton luggage and accessories.

Do you follow trends or set them?
I set trends. I’d feel weird following them—it wouldn’t be me.

Give us one unsolicited piece of style advice.
Wear the shirt or pants you love several days in a row.

Who rocks a certain style that you admire?
My dad. He rocks the meanest creased pants. Classy gangsta.

What are you going to wear in your coffin?
Whatever my wife or the person who loves me at the time decides to dress me in.

Do clothes make the man?
Yes, clothes make the man, like paint makes a car.

How much did the pants you’re wearing cost?
Eighteen dollars.

LOS ANGELES - 7 SETTEMBRE: Il batterista Travis Barker è arrivato allo Stuff Magazine Style Awards al Roosevelt Hotel il 7 settembre a Los Angeles, California. Ha ricevuto un Icon award. Ecco qui alcune foto dell'evento:

Travis Barker - The Punk Travis Barker - The Punk

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