"Ok guys. I have a REALLY BIG thing here, You ALL should read this. I know it's a long text, but read it anyway. Thanx to my friend Joakim for this.

You all remember the picture on Chrisgeorggin.com.. It looks like a team-photo. Tom is on it and his wife and maybe Ava, and Chris, and alot of other people. That pic came after the "hiatus". Well, in front of them all, there is a banner and on that it said "TAKING STEPS TO CURE CYSTIC FIBROSIS".
(for you who don't know what CYSTIC FIBROSIS is, it is a disease).

After my friend had seen that picture, he wrote a mail to Chris and asked him why Tom and Chris were involved in cystic fibrosis. Chris answerd like this: "the cystic fibrosis thing isnt really a project tom and i are working on. we did a walk for it since i have cystic fibrosis and him and his family always support it so they did the walk."

Well, today my friend search for Angels & Airwaves on google. The first thing that came up was a site that are fighting against cystic fibrosis.

Don't you see an connection?
The name of Tom's "band" is Angels & Airwaves. And those who is fighting against cystic fibrosis is also calling themself that. And that picture with Tom and Chris, where they are on a "fight cystic fibrosis" thing. It seems like Tom was/are supporting them.

The link to that site is:

Or just search on Angels and Airwaves on google.

One thing more, on the band "logo", that you can see on their myspace, it's says AVA, Toms dautgher. Could she have that disease? But i don't know, becasue if in the mail to my friend chris said he had that disease. And both can't have it.


Cred to my friend Joakim. he wanted that i should post his email, don't know why.. here it is
Dr. Sweden | 09.08.05 - 1:58 pm | #"

-Thanks Joakim

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