Greatest Hits

If you're one of the thousands who were upset about the news of Blink 182's breakup, you'll be happy to know a greatest hits disk is on the way.
With a release date set for November 1st of this year, the album will feature tunes from their earliest album to their latest. There will also be one new and one previously unrelased track.

Here's what the track list looks like.

1. M&Ms
2. Dammit
3. Josie
4. What’s My Age Again
5. All The Small Things
6. Adam’s Song
7. Man Overboard (Live)
8. Rock Show
9. First Date
10. Stay Together For The Kids
11. Feelin’ This
12. Miss You
13. Down
14. Always
15. Not Now (single)
16. Another Girl Another Planet (previously unreleased)

Watch for Blink 182: Greatest Hits coming this November!

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