Interview with Chris Georggin

1. First off thank you for giving me this interview also I would like to say congratulation on getting with JMB Record$.
I think you mean signing with JMB Record$. Thanks man, I appreciate it... Signing with JMB Record$ has been very exciting... they have given me an awesome opportunity and I'm looking forward to see what's to come.

2. Is this going to be some kind of career change? Or are you going to do both?
Recording this CD it is not a career change, JMB Record$ just has given me the opportunity that anyone who is a music fan would love to have. I'm not recording this album for any other reasons other than that. I'm not trying to sell a bunch of records or break into the "other side" of the music industry. Being the person behind the scenes is where I feel totally comfortable. I've been working with Rick Devoe for 6 years and the management side is like second nature to me. Now that the tables have turned, it doesn't really feel natural, but I know I've just been given an awesome opportunity and I'm going to enjoy every second of it and have the most fun possible doing it.

3. Is there a cetain due date for the record?
I plan on starting to record in late May and since this is the first time I've ever made a record, and the fact that I have so many ideas, we don't have a release date scheduled just yet. Once I start recording some songs and see how far along we are coming, we will then schedule a release date. But I definitely plan on releasing something this year. I'll be sure to update on my progress during the recording process.

4. What kind of music do you think your record is going to be? Rap / rock?
I'd say that my record will probably be classified as a "guilty pleasure". Right now, I'm just brainstorming, coming up with as many ideas as I can which makes it a little difficult to see how this record is gonna take shape. Once I sit down with Cyrus Bolooki from NFG and start making the elements of the album more concrete I'll have a better idea, but I know I'd like to include a little bit of everything which I'm a fan of (punk, rock, hip-hop, pop, etc...). I'd like it to be something that I'd listen to, even if it wasn't me.

5. I know blink-182 has been on a break and there doing differnt things. but I heard somthing about Plus 44 with Mark and Travis. Do you no anything about this?
You, the fans probably know more about it than I do. I did read a little about it in The San Diego Union Tribune, which didn't say much besides the obvious... so for once, the fans all probably know more about it than I do. But, I am interested to hear about it and see what happens.

6. How did you become manager of blink-182? Did you just kind of fall into the postion?
I got my job at Rick Devoe management in kind of an unusual way, in terms of the music industry. I was working at a movie theater in Poway through high school and that's where I met Mark Hoppus. I started off by selling CD's of River Fenix and promoting them around San Diego for Mark (he was managing them at the time). I remember being at a blink-182 show in San Diego, I went up to Rick Devoe backstage just to say what's up and the next thing I know he gave me his business card and said hey, wanna job... call me on Monday... that Monday I went to his house and he put me to work while he went surfing... been there for 6 years and it has been great.

7. Since blink-182 is on this break. Is recording this album occupying yourself? Or is there other things you do?
Its not really occupying my time cause we still manage other bands besides Blink, we manage New Found Glory and work on some other projects so I'm still busy with work. Even if I wasn't recording this record, I'd still have a full work day ahead of me but I'm not viewing this as yet another thing to do, if anything its something fun that I get to do with my friends...
Besides working though I'm still in college so I still have to go to class and do papers and tests and all that fun stuff as well as try and have a social life so as you can see, I have my plate full.

8. If you could do anything besides manage bands what would you do?
That's a good question... I've been really spoiled because this doesn't feel like a "job." I'd hate to have a job like any of my friends, not because they are bad jobs, but I'd hate to be made fun of like we do of my friend who is a Enterprise Rental Salesman or my other friends who are toy distributors aka "santas little helpers," as we like to call them. So, I really don't know because luckily I've never had to think about it. I think my gut reaction would be to say teacher just because my parents, brother and sister-in-law are all teachers... and actually a few of my friends are teachers as well and I always joke with them saying "Damn your students are so lucky they have a hot teacher like you," I'd be amped to be back in 5th grade and have some of my friends as teachers...
If I wasn't managing, I'd wanna be Seth Cohen on the O.C., not that I like to act, I'd just want to have Rachel Bilson as my on-and-off-screen girlfriend, not to mention he's a funny dude...

9. Thank you so much for leting me interview you.
Thank you for your interest in me and JMB Record$.

by Daren Girdner

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