Chris Georggin Interview

Ecco qui un'intervista che Spooky2k ha fatto a Chris Georggin.

When can we expect to hear any type of material you record? Will you have early demos/previews?
I won't start recording till the end of May... I'm sure when things start rolling I will be updating the site more and let you all listen to some stuff we are working on...

Do you know of any cd that blink-182's cover of "Another Girl, Another Planet" will be on, or anywhere we can hear it online (anywhere besides on tv basically)?
We will hopefully be releasing a greatest hits CD this year and plan on including the theme song to Travis' show on there as a bonus along with a new DVD.

Question on everyones mind: are blink-182 still together? If you can't or won't answer that, I understand and thank you for even reading it. Are there any plans for an official announcement reguarding rumours?
They are on a break right now... What that intails I have no clue... sorry.

On your forthcoming CD, will you have people collaberating with you (such as members of blink/NFG etc)?
Yes for sure... There will be some people from NFG, Reggie, maybe Yellowcard, we will see. The NFG guys for sure but I'll have to wait and see on other people onces I start the process...

How would I go about submitting my bands demo to JMB Records, or even Geffen?
Contact them through the web... meaning JMB... as for Geffen, not sure...

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