Chris Georggin interview

Su c'è un'intervista a Chris Georggin.
Ecco alcune parti dell'intervista:

Dom - During 2002, there were rumours that you and Mark (Hoppus - blink-182) had started a band called "Orange Fish". Was there any truth in this?
Chris - Wow, you've done your research.... I'm impressed. To be honest, Orange Fish wasn't boss' 4-year old kid called his band Orange Fish and whenever members from New Found Glory or blink-182 were at the office, he would wanna have band we'd pick up whatever toys we had in the room, blared NOFX, NFG, MXPX, or blink-182 over the speakers and had a jam session. The funny thing was at the end of the year, when all of the magazines would ask for artists' favorite songs of the year, Jordan from NFG and Mark from Blink included "2 Headed Dragon" by Orange Fish... as a joke. Then, all of a sudden I get e-mails from kids all around the world asking where they can find the CD, we just went with it 'cause we thought it was funny... the band has since retired, my boss' kid is into bugs and marine life now... sorry.


Dom - With blink-182 announcing their "indefinite hiatus", you must be very busy at the moment. Has this sped up the decision to move on to your own music or has it been a long term plan?
Chris - To be honest, it has nothing to do with the Blink situation... this isn't a career change or part of some 10-year plan whatsoever... the only thing that its dependent on really is Cyrus' schedule since he's roducing and recording the record. He's on tour right now with New Found Glory, so it works out well...obviously when he's out with NFG and touring, I'm busy in the office and when he has time off, things are a lot slower so we've kind of planned the recording of my record around that game plan.

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