blink-182 announces 'indefinite hiatus'

blink-182 announces 'indefinite hiatus'by Jon Zahlaway

Rumors of blink-182's demise apparently have not been greatly exaggerated; the trio is calling it quits--for now, anyway.
"For over a decade, blink-182 has toured, recorded and done non-stop promotion all while trying to balance relationships with family and friends," read a statement posted at Blink's website on Tuesday (2/22). "To that end, the band has decided to go on an indefinite hiatus to spend some time enjoying the fruits of their labors with their loved ones."
The group left open the possibility of reconvening in the future.
"While there is no set plan for the band to begin working together again, no one knows what tomorrow may bring."
The announcement comes just days after former Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro accidentally broke the news at his blog; he learned of the band's fate when blink-182 scrapped plans to play at a Feb. 18 tsunami benefit concert, at which Navarro's current band, Camp Freddy, performed.
"... [T]he big shock came when blink-182 pulled out," Navarro wrote on Saturday (2/19). "Supposedly, they broke up yesterday, at least, that's what we were told. Anyway, best of luck to those guys."
Navarro apparently caught some heat for that entry, according to a follow-up note that he posted on Sunday (2/20).
"When Blink pulled out of the show, we were told they had broken up," he wrote. "It made sense to us because it was an important show for an important cause. You're right. I shouldn't repeat things that aren't confirmed and I apologize to the band and their fans. Honestly, it was a mistake. I am glad to hear that the news is untrue."
Navarro ended his part in the saga by posting a message on Tuesday (2/22), in which he wrote: "Here is the last thing I'll say about the Blink thing. It turns out they have gone on 'indefinite hiatus.' Once again, I apologize for speaking out of turn. When I initially posted the news, I was under the impression that it was already common knowledge and meant no offense. I wish all the guys and their fans the best of luck."
Singer/guitarist Tom Delonge and bassist/singer Mark Hoppus founded blink-182 in the early '90s. Drummer Travis Barker signed on following the group's release of its 1999 breakthrough album, "Enema of the State."
The San Diego-based trio's most recent studio set is last year's self-titled "blink-182."

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