Blink and you’ll see it

Blink and you’ll see it
There’s a chalk drawing on the sidewalk with the words “Jack” and “Dad” scrawled on it. In the backyard is a swimming pool where we wait, ignorant that only few feet away, Toto drummer, Jeff Porcaro, died of a heart attack at 38. The subject of this interview, Mark Hoppus and his band, Blink 182, have never faced such tragedy. Nor have they worn rock’s other dirty laundry.
With son Jack in his arms and appropriately pretty wife, Skye, at his side, Hoppus enters our field of vision, walks over and introduces himself.
There are no bloodshot eyes, no deviated septum, no burnt fingers, no broken teeth, no needle marks. Aside from Hoppus’ six o’clock rooster hair and his bookend tattoos: the name Jack on the left wrist, Skye on the other, the Hoppus family could be here to remake Andy of Mayberry.
No detox, no failed relationships, no skeletons, no closet. So what in the world are we gonna talk about? Well, darkness isn’t the only interesting topic, as it turns out...
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