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Blink auctionsDieter Schmitz, an 18-year old freshman at SDSU, has started an event called Running Home 4 Teens, a inspiring fundraiser for depressed and suicidal teens. Dieter, whom many recognize from MTV's Laguna Beach The Real Orange County, will be embarking on the incredible task of biking and running 78 miles from San Diego State to Laguna Beach, California on December 19th.
All donations received will go to SAVE, a great non-profit group specializing in educating and helping suicidal and depressed teens.
For more information about Schmitz's remarkable cause visit the official site at
The help raise money for the cause Blink-182 has donated a brand new Fender Squier Strat electric guitar and an Orange County Drum & Percussion Snare Drum, both of which are signed by Tom, Mark, and Travis and are being auctioned off now.
To bid on the guitar click HERE.
To bid on the snare drum click HERE.
Also, make sure you don't forget about Travis' crutches that are being auctioned off benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
You can bid on them click HERE.

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