Cardiff International Arena review

IT was Christmas and New Year all rolled into one for the Blink 182 faithful lucky enough to attend last night's gig.
How the sellout crowd, of mainly teenage fans, managed to breathe let alone jump around with so many people, packed in like sardines for what seemed like an age until Blink 182 strolled on stage was amazing.
And they weren't disappointed by support bands, The Kinnison and Sugarcult, who set the stage perfectly.
They were quickly into their stride in a blisteringly fast set with fan favourites The Rock Show and First Date and featuring a fit-inducing light show that had the crowd reaching for their mobiles in what resembled a sea of flickering lights. The band were on top form with guitarist Tom Delonge and bassist Mark Hoppus' good natured ribbing while Travis Barker's drum solo, yes, drum solo was exceptional, with the drummer making his way to a kit at the opposite end of the arena that rose majestically in a fitting finale.
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